Chinese Canadian National Council letter to the Prime Minister Re: Theresa Spence Hunger Strike

Sid Chow Tan
Chinese Canadian National Council letter to the Prime Minister on December 30, 2012:

December 30, 2012

Right Honourable Stephen Harper
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

by email:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Season’s Greetings to you, Mrs. Harper and your family.

I am writing on behalf of the Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) to request that you and Governor General David Johnston commit to a meeting with Chief Theresa Spence and other indigenous leaders at the earliest opportunity.

We worked closely with your Government to achieve the Chinese Head Tax Apology and partial redress in 2006. Like many Canadians, we support genuine efforts to atone for and to address the tragic legacy of the residential schools. This past June, CCNC Executive Director Victor Wong was invited to be an honorary witness to the Truth and Reconciliation process.

Indigenous peoples across Canada are actively resisting the systemic inequality and racism in our society. CCNC joins Canadians in supporting these efforts because positve change has been slow and invisible.

Prime Minister, you can be the champion for the change that is urgently needed to address these injustices.

As you are aware, Chief Theresa Spence has been on a hunger strike for three weeks now on the Anishinabe traditional territory of Victoria Island near Parliament. Your personal intervention is required at this important juncture to achieve a genuine and lasting reconciliation with indigenous peoples.

We urge you and Governor General Johnston to give priority to this urgent matter.

Yours sincerely,

Sid Chow Tan
CCNC National Chairperson

302 Spadina Avenue
Suite 507
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 2E7

(416) 977-9871